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Remote control panels and connection cables

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Remote control panels and connection cables

DMC - Digital Multi Control GX
  •  DMC - Digital Multi...
    DMC - Digital Multi...
  • Color Control GX
    Color Control GX
  • CANvu GX
    CANvu GX
  •  Phoenix Inverter Control VE....
    Phoenix Inverter Control VE....


Part No. Model Description
66717W DMC 200/200 Digital Multi Control 200/200
67920Y DMC 200/200 GX Digital Multi Control 200/200 GX
68999W Color Control GX Digital Remote Control
21201E System Controller GX System Controller Venus GX - Remote Control without display
23084P CANvu GX Touch screen digital remote control
23085S CANvu GX kit Wiring kit (necessary to install CANvu GX panel)
65006E Phoenix CC Charger Phoenix Inverter Control panel
66202K Phoenix Inverter Phoenix Inverter Control Panel
23003L Inverter Control Phoenix inverter VE. Direct remote control panel
68885E Skylla-i Skylla-i Control GX panel
65007G Skylla CC Skylla Control panel
65008J CW On-Off Skylla Switch
65009L Battery Alarm GX Battey alarm panel
69545E VE. Direct BT Dongle Dongle Bluetooth for remote monitoring data
69536H Wifi Module Simple CCGX Wifi Module Simple
69537K Wifi Mod. Long Range CCGX Wifi Module Long Range


Part No. Model Description
67776U UTP-1,8 RJ45 UTP 1,8 m cable
20413R UTP-3 RJ45 UTP 3 m cable
65010V UTP-5 RJ 45 UTP 5 m cable
65011X UTP-10 RJ 45 UTP 10 m cable
65012Z UTP-15 RJ 45 UTP 15 m cable
65013B UTP-20 RJ 45 UTP 20 m cable
65014D UTP-25 RJ 45 UTP 25 m cable
65015F UTP-30 RJ 45 UTP 30 m cable
65018M RS232/MK.2b Connection kit RS232/MK.2b Victron Interface
65019P USB/RS232 Converter USB/RS232
67082H MK2/USB Converter kit MK2/USB.2b