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Ultraflex Group BALMAR® Alternators

BALMAR® - Alternators

Balmar® supply high efficiency DC charging systems and battery monitors.

Balmar® alternators performances:

- More charging Amps at low RPM

- 30% faster, more complete charging

- Longer battery bank life

- Less fuel consumption



• Determine your electrical load: all your device loads and expected duty cycles will clarify your expected daily battery discharge requirements. Add a safety factor

• Identify your battery bank technology and capacity: how many batteries are in your bank and what is the total storage capacity? What type of batteries are employed? (Different technologies require different charging programs)

• Select your alternator output: the correct charging load depends on the battery technology and capacity. For example, an AGM battery can accept a 50% charge loads so a 300 Ah bank of AGMs can accept 150 A of charging for the alternator. Therefore you could support at least a 150 A alternator to charge your bank as quickly as possible

• Select the alternator mounting style present on your engine: most mounting styles are either 1” - 2” single foot, 3.15” - 4” saddle

• Determine your belt and pulley requirements: a belt/pulley conversion kit may be required to handle your alternator PTO load

• Select additional charging systems options: kit greatly simplify belt tensioning. The smartgauge battery monitor provides accurate state of charge information