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720 and 700 Easyfit battery switches

720 and 700 Easyfit battery switches Battery distribution switches BEP® - Electric panels and instruments

720 and 700 Easyfit battery switches


The 720 Heavy Duty Battery Switch fits into the same contour lock system as used on the battery distribution system. Rated at 600 Amp continuous and 2500 Amp cranking. It is well suited to larger vessels. As with the 701 and 720 can be recessed or surface mounted. The 720 uses the same style of self cleaning sliding contact as used in the 701. Also utilises the same label sheet as 701. Part Number 715.



• Continuous rating: 600 Amp DC

• Intermittent rating: 800 Amp DC

• Cranking rating: 2500 Amp DC

• Voltage rating: 48V DC

• Operation: ON/OFF
• Mounting: recessed or surface
• Termination stud size: 2 x 12 mm (1/2”)
• Dimensions: 102 x 102 x 90h mm (4 x 4 x 3.5h inches)

• Tin plated copper studs and nuts
• Ignition protected
• Available in bulk only



The 700 Easyfit is ideal on those installations where switches need to be recessed through varying thickness of panels. 700 Easyfit features an easily removable threaded ring allowing for panel thickness up to 19 mm (3/4”). It uses the same features as the 701 with the removable key 45° past the off position, labelled handle and a removable back cover covering exposed terminals to meet ABYC specifications. The switch can also be surface mounted offering a unique style compared to other switches available on the market. The 700 Easyfit can easily be retrofitted in place of most European post and lever type switches.



• Continuous rating: 275 Amp DC

• Intermittent rating: 455 Amp DC

• Cranking rating: 1250 Amp DC

• Voltage rating: 48V DC

• Operation: ON/OFF
• Mounting: recessed or surface
• Termination stud size: 2 x 10 mm (3/8”)

• Tin plated copper studs and nuts
• 700-KEY spare Part Removable knob
• Ignition protected


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
63174S 720 Staccabatterie Heavy Duty 600A DC 102x102x90h mm (4´´x4´´x3.5´´h)
63672J 700 EASYFIT Staccabatterie Easyfit 275A DC 102x102x90h mm (4´´x4´´x3.5´´h)