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Pro Installer EZ-MOUNT battery selector switches

Pro Installer EZ-MOUNT battery selector switches Battery distribution switches BEP® - Electric panels and instruments

Pro Installer EZ-MOUNT battery selector switches

  • 770-EZ
  • 770-DP
  • 770-DP-EZ
  • 771-S-EZ
  • 771-S
  • 772-DBC-EZ
  • 771-SFD

As easy as 1,2,3, these revolutionary battery switches allow you to wire from the front. Never has been so easy and cabling so accessible. With their shared interconnection height, Pro Installer-EZ-Mount battery switches “cluster” directly with the Pro Installer Busbar Range,resulting in the fastest, most compact installations. Optimized cable access makes installation a breeze.

Pro Installer switches set the new benchmark with outstanding ergonomics, intuitive look/feel, and are engineered from the finest materials to withstand the harsh marine environment. The outstanding performance and features of this powerful new generation battery switch appeal to both the installer and user. All ratings, footprints and features of the Pro Installer-EZ-Mount switches match the high quality of our standard switches.



• Continuous rating: 400 Amp DC

• Intermittent rating: 600 Amp (5 mins)

• Cranking rating: 1500 Amp (10 secs)

• Waterproof to IP66

• Tinned copper 10 mm (3/8”)studs

• Stainless steel washers/nuts

• Fiber reinforced plastics

• Same interconnection height as Pro Installer

• Removable knob allows isolation during servicing

• 3 removable sideplates for protection

• Industry standard 3.85” x 3.85” footpriny

• Dimensions mm (“): 97.8 x 97.8 (3.85 x 3.85)

• Tested to UL1107 ignition protection, CE


Part No. Model Description
69149A 770-EZ-400A On/off master switch EZ-MOUNT
69952Y 770-DP-400A Double pole, on/off master switch
69953A 770-DP-EZ-400A Double pole on/off master switch EZ-MOUNT
69150J 771-S-EZ-400A Selector battery switch EZ-MOUNT
69954C 771-S-400A Selector battery switch
69889U 772-DBC-EZ-400A Dual bank control battery switch EZ-MOUNT
69955E 771-SFD-400A Selector battery switch with alternator switch disconnect

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