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CSP6 switch panels

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CSP6 switch panels

The CSP6 panel range comes in 3 models. All models are back lit.
CSP6 Includes six switches unfused for installation where separate fused supply is available.

CSP6-F Includes six switches and 3 WAFH14 fuse holders with fuses behind panel.

CSP6-PTC This panel utilises the latest technology in overload protection – Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC). PTC fuses are solid state resettable fuses which will change to a high resistance device on over-current. To reset: Switch circuit off for 10 seconds.

If fault remains the PTC will trip back to a resistive state. The panel is supplied with 6 x 9A PTC fuses mounted internally.
No more changing fuses!



• Switches protected by high quality neoprene rubber boots

• Green LED backlit labels

• Red LED’s for system “ON”

• Waterproof to IP56 rating

• Removable cover plate over switches conceals screws and water drain

• Switch current ratings 20 Amp DC, 10 Amp AC

• Charcoal colour


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
64375H CSP6 Panel 158x112x65 mm (6.2x4.4x2.5 inches)
64376K CSP6-F Panel 158x112x65 mm (6.2x4.4x2.5 inches)
63141A CSP6-PTC Panel 158x112x65 mm (6.2x4.4x2.5 inches)


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
63537C WAFH-14 Waterproof fuse holder
64404M SW-M331 Splash proof cover