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CONTOUR MATRIX digital monitoring systems

CONTOUR MATRIX digital monitoring systems Digital monitoring systems BEP® - Electric panels and instruments

CONTOUR MATRIX digital monitoring systems

The 600 series Digital Monitoring System, designed and manufactured by BEP Marine, is made to meet the requirements of modern boating and recreational vehicles. Electrical installations on-board the modern boat now incorporate complex AC and DC systems along with extensive tankage for items such as fuel, fresh water, sewage and grey water. Accurate monitoring of such systems is essential, as a mal-function in any one of the above areas could cause major damage to expensive equipment and ultimately endanger the vessel or peoples lives. The dot matrix display incorporated in the 600 series allows for more detailed on-screen information and clarity of viewing. They have a backlighting display for easy night time viewing, audible alarm with mute function, power supply 10-35V DC.








• Voltage monitor for up to 3 battery banks

• 12 costum selectable legends eg: Start battery, House battery etc.

• Hi / Low voltage alarms on all 3 banks






• On house bank only

• Meter supplied with a 450-50 mV shunt









• Software utilizes Peukerts exponent

• Suitable for use on battery banks from 60 to 3000 Amp hours

• Low Amp hour alarm






• The bilge monitor function monitors bilge pump functions 24 hours,7 days a week. Stores bilge pump operations and accumulated time. Resettable when leaving boat.

• Function only available when third voltmeter position is not used




600-DCM MONITOR - 63168X

The 600-DCM monitor offers a comprehensive range of functions to allow full monitoring of your batteries and charging system.
There is also a function allowing for 24h monitoring of your bilge. This meter is an important addition to modern battery management systems.


LB-450-50 SHUNT - 64396 S

450A - Shunt supplied with 600-DCM and 80-600-0021-00 monitors

Dimensions WxDxH mm (“): 83 x 45 x 44 (3.26 x 1.77 x 1.73)