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Victron Energy® - Isolation transformers and autotransformers


The isolation transformer eliminates any electrical continuity between AC shore power and the ship. It is essential for safety and eliminates the need for galvanic isolators and polarity alarms. The shore power is fed to the primary side of the transformer and the ship is connected to the secondary. The isolation transformer completely isolates the boat from the shore ground. By connecting all metal parts to the neutral output on the secondary side of the transformer, a GFCI (ground fault current interrupter) will trip or a fuse will blow in case of a short circuit.



Aluminium epoxy powder coated case with drip shield, circuit board protection with an acrylic coating, toroidal transformer.


AUTOTRANSFORMER 120/240 32A and 100A

• An autotransformer or autostep down transformer is an electrical transformer with only one winding. An autotransformer, portions of the same winding act as both the primary and secondary sides of the transformer. The winding has at least three taps where electrical connections are made. Autotransformers have the advantages of often being smaller, lighter, and cheaper than typical dual-winding transformers, but autotransformers have the disadvantage of not providing electrical isolation

• Autotransformers are often used to step up or step down voltages in the 110-115-120 volt range and voltages in the 220-230-240 volt range - for example. providing 120V (with taps) from 240V input, allowing equipment designed for 120 volts to be used with a 240 volt supply (as in using US electrical equipment with higher European voltages)

• Temperature protected. In case of overheating, the autotransformer is disconnected from the supply. Reset is manual

• Trasformator type: toroidal

• Enclosure Aluminium. Protection category IP21




H x W x D mm (")

WEIGHT kg (lbs)
2000 W 115/230 V 2000 W

375x214x110 (14.8x8.4x4.3)

10 (22.0)
3600 W 115/230 V 3600 W 362x258x218 (14.2x10.1x8.5) 23 (50.7)
3600 W 115/230 V auto 3600 W 362x258x218 (14.2x10.1x8.5) 23 (50.7)
7000 W 230 V 7000 W 362x258x218 (14.2x10.1x8.5) 26 (57.3)

Part No. Model Description
64969P 2000W 115/230V 2000W 115/230 VAC Isolation Transformer
64970Y 3600W 115/230V 3600W 115/230 VAC Isolation Transformer
69852U 3600W 115/230V auto 3600W 115/230 VAC Isolation Transformer
64972C 7000W 230V 7000W 230 VAC Isolation Transformer






H x W x D mm (")

WEIGHT kg (lbs)
32 A 120/240 V - 50/60 Hz 32 A 375x214x110 (14.8x8.4x4.3) 10 (22.0)
100 A 120/240 V - 50/60 Hz 100 A 425x214x110 (16.7x8.4x4.3) 14 (30.9)

Part No. Model Description
68349D 32A 120/240V 32A Autotransformers
68883A 100A 120/240V 100A Autotransformers