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Double Rack

Double Rack Electric rack actuators Electric systems

Double Rack

180-350-550-750-1000 mm
1500-1300-700 N

To guarantee more push points on the same vent the rack actuator can be used the Double rack version with auxiliary rack actuators; this system, since guarantee stability, is particularly adapt to open domes and very large top hinged windows.

Double Rack: push force 1300 N (230 Vac) - 1500 N (24 Vcc)

For each system are necessary 1 Rack actuator, 1 Auxiliary Rack actuator in parallel connection, 1 connecting rod, and 2 end brackets.



DOUBLE RACK with 2 points

2 engines

1300 N

1 Rack actuator

1 Rack group

1 connecting rod

2 end brackets