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Natural Ventilation Management Systems

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Natural Ventilation Management Systems

The MY-VENT system represents the most complete and user friendly solution to provide a building with natural ventilation. By monitoring the changing indoor and outdoor conditions and exploiting the cool air outside, MY-VENT controls any increase in the degree of temperature or C02 level indoors. With sudden changes in weather, showers or gusts of wind, the windows will automatically close to protect the building and interior from damage. In case of emergency all controls are ignored and windows are immediately opened, eventually through UCS Smoke Ventilation Control Panels with battery back-up.


MY-VENT is made by: 

- user friendly software 

- simple hardware connected via WI-FI to computer, smartphones and tablets 

- addressable sensors (internal temperature and humidity, CO2 level) 

- addressable weather station (external temperature and humidity, wind and rain) 

- BMSline window actuators



• Windows easy to control from remote by computer, tablet or smartphone, also distant from the building.

• Total, continual window control with real-time feedback. Not just an on/off operation (open/close).

• Air conditioning or heating automatically switched off if windows are opened.

• Working quietly in daily scenarios, at full speed in emergencies.

• Addressable system totally compatible with all existing building management systems.

• Safety always ensured.