Ultraflex Group


Scenarios BMSline - Integrating window automation into Building Management Systems Electric systems


The windows can be organized into groups to customer requirements. DIFFERENT SCENARIOS can be selected for each single group for total automation or local and/or remote control. 

Input and outputs from and to other systems are managed for a complete integration in the building.


Remote control

For groups of windows in rooms, zones, etc.


Daily comfort ventilation

With continued monitored indoor and outdoor temperature and CO2 concentration, windows are 

controlled to provide first class living comfort and to save energy.


Local control

The actuator can be manually operated only by the local push button. Continual real-time feedback to MY-VENT.


Night cooling

To avoid or cut down on air conditioning during the day. 

With continually monitored indoor and outdoor temperatures, windows are partly opened at night to exploit the cool air from outside, reduce indoor temperature and limit the use of air conditioning.


Micro ventilation

To recycle air and regulate humidity. For a healthy environment, windows are opened a little for air to circulate and to regulate humidity indoors.


Sun blade actuator control

To reduce sun radiation and subsquently regulate light.


• All scenarios can be SET ON A TIME AND DAILY BASIS, but the system can always be used for any temporary need.

• Windows will be closed in bad weather conditions, ignoring all other commands. (Apart smoke ventilation).

• Safety always ensured