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Components BMSline - Integrating window automation into Building Management Systems Electric systems


The user friendly interface, based on web html5, allows the management of the Natural Ventilation, always providing a real feedback of the status of the windows and values from indoor sensors and weather station.





Configuration of group of windows

Configuration of actuator parameters

Remote control and real time feedback


BMSline MY-VENT Winserver part No. 41772K

This Control unit offers a direct WI-FI access point for PCs, smartphones and tablets, or can be connected with the LAN installed in the building. BMSline actuators and sensors are connected by means of a special bus line (Modbus RTU). 

The web based (HTML5) user-interface is accessible in three different levels: 

• Installer

• System Administrator

• End user

The Winserver interacts with existing Building Management Systems provided by third parts via Modbus TCP/IP.

Winserver is a DIN rail module, voltage supply 24 Vdc.

Always install 41625S repeater between the Winserver and the Modbus line.


Modbus sensors

41817D Modbus Weather Station (Wind, Rain, Temperature)

41812Y Modbus Outdoor sensor (Temperature and Humidity)


41813Z Modbus Indoor sensor (Temperature)

41814A Modbus Indoor sensor (Temperature and Humidity)

41815B Modbus Indoor sensor (Temperature and CO2)

41816C Modbus Indoor sensor (Temperature, CO2 and Humidity)