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Accessories for Studer® battery chargers / inverters

Accessories for Studer® battery chargers / inverters Inverters and multi-function inverter/battery chargers Electrical equipments

Accessories for Studer® battery chargers / inverters

  • RCC-02
  • RCC-03
  • BTS-01
  • RCM-10
  • BSP 500/1200
    BSP 500/1200
  • Xcom-232i
  • Xcom-LAN, Xcom-GSM, Xcom-SMS
    Xcom-LAN, Xcom-GSM, Xcom-SMS
  • ARM-02
  • EFC-01
  • CAB-RJ45-8-xx

RCC-02/-03 - 66144Y/68478R - Remote control

• Enables the setting of the parameters as well as the display of the values measured.

• By an SD card, it is possible to log the system data and to save and restore the parameters of the system.

• Supplied with 2 m cable.

• Available for wall mounting (model RCC-02) or flush mount (model RCC-03).


BTS-01 - 66150T - Battery temperature sensor

• Allows the automatic compensation of the adjustable thresholds of the battery voltage.

• Supplied with 5 m cable.


RCM-10 - 68497V - Remote ON/OFF control

• Remotely control the input to XTS system functions.

• Supplied with 5 m cable.

• For mounting on DIN rail.


BSP 500/1200 - 68498X/68499Z - Control to monitor battery charging status

• It is connected to the BUS communication of the XTS systems

• Displays the recorded data and controls the 2 auxiliary contacts of the XTS systems.

• Supplied with 5 m cable.


Xcom-232i - 68500E - Communication module between XTS systems and SCADA control

• RS-232 input and 2 m of RJ45 cable


Xcom-LAN - 20515Z - Xcom-GSM - 20733K - Xcom-SMS - 20732H - Communication sets by internet/smartphones for Xtender series

Communication set Xcom-LAN - The set includes one Xcom-232i, one Ethernet port and al necessary accessories.

Communication set Xcom-GSM - The set includes one Xcom-232i, one cellular modem and all necessary accessories. The sim card is not provided. GPRS/3G network.

Communication set Xcom-SMS - The Xcom-SMS is a cost effective add-on. It provides a secured access to your installation by sending or receiving SMS to your remote power system. The SIM card is not provided. 2G network.


ARM-02 - 68503L - Support module to mount XTS systems on DIN RAIL

• Supplied with 2 auxiliary contacts controlled by XTS systems.

• Needs TCM-01 to be used on XTS systems.


EFC-01 - 68504N - External cooling module (IP54)

• This accessory increases the XTS system power.

• To be installed directly on XTS casing and it can be mounted in any time even after installation.


CAB-RJ45-8-xx - 68505R - Communication cable between XTS systems and accessories

• Available length: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 m.

• Other length are available on request.