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ANL fuseholders

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ANL fuseholders

Providing high-capacity fusing, fast response and high interrupt ratings (ANL up to 3,000 Amps DC), these fuse holders are ideal for protecting today’s demanding onboard power electronics technology including inverters and battery chargers. They also protect wiring from short circuits, for example as a main fuse to protect house circuits, protection for digital switching main feed circuits, or heavy duty loads.

ANL fuses in the following sizes/ratings are suitable:
Bussmann 35A – 750A. 8mm (5/16”) hole for stud
Littelfuse 35A-500A. 10mm (3/8”) hole for stud, fits all Pro Installer ANL fuseholders



• Innovative through-panel mounting version (Patent Pending) offers the user easy visual inspection of fuse state, and fast/safe access to change fuse if blown

• Modular sizing and common interconnection height: Easily linked with other Pro Installer Busbars and Fuseholders saving installation time and space

• Durable construction allows fuses to run at maximum load

• Radiused ends improve large cable routing options (can fit back-to-back lugs at any angle -90o to +90o)

• Innovative clear covers provide insulation/protection, with “snap outs” for extra cable access as required

• Fuse viewing “window” in cover aids visual inspection of fuse-state

• Label recess on cover allows fitting up to 1/2” width (12.7mm) printed labels

• Insert moulded studs offer superior mechanical strength

• Designed for the harsh marine environment

• All threads are metric



• Cable connection studs: Shared 8mm (5/16")

• Fuse mounting studs: 8mm (5/16”). Also allows 10mm (3/8”) ANL fuses to be used

• Fuse type: ANL / ANN

• Swinging fuse style allows changing fuse without removing fastened nuts

• Amperage: 35-300A

• 50 VDC (or determined by fuse fitted)

• High temperature, fibre reinforced plastic base provides strength and chemical resistance

• Clear poly carbonate cover

• Stainless steel studs, and nickel plated brass nuts for longevity in the marine environment





       Q.TY                SIZE mm (")




mm (")

778ANL Bussmann 8 mm (5/16") - Prudenz o Siba 10 mm 8 mm (5/16") 2 studs shared with fuse 8x22 (5/16x7/8) 300A 98x49x54 (3.9x1.9x2.1)
778ANLTP Bussmann 8 mm (5/16") - Prudenz o Siba 10 mm 8 mm (5/16") + 2 per cable 10x25 (3/8x1) 750A 98x49x36 (3.9x1.9x1.4)
778ANL2S Bussmann 8 mm (5/16") - Prudenz o Siba 10 mm 8 mm (5/16") + 2 per cable 10x29 (3/8x1/8) 750A 147x49x61 (5.8x1.9x2.4)

Part No. Model Description
68869G 778ANL 300A ANL Fuseholder
68870R 778ANLTP 750A ANL Fuseholder
68871T 778ANL2S 750A ANL Fuseholder + 2 additional connecting studs