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HyLander HD™ - Self sustainable power unit for hot duty environment

HyLander HD™ - Self sustainable power unit for hot duty environment Uflex® - HyLander™ - The self sustainable power units Hybrid group and generators

HyLander HD™ - Self sustainable power unit for hot duty environment

HyLander HD is a hybrid power generator, designed to operate inhot environment, capable of producing energy from alternative sources such as solar and wind. It supplies its output directly to the users or accumulates energy to use it at a later stage, in a quiet and environmental way.


The power is the main characteristic of HyLander HD, as it is capable of delivering in a constant and silent way, up to 10 kVA with a peak of 20 kW only using the energy stored in the battery. In case of need, it can add extra power from the built-in generator, which intervenes to handle high power consumption, giving continuous autonomy to the system even in the absence of sun and wind. The output power from the generator can added directly to the inverter power - power boost function - providing a continuous output power of 18 kVA.


HyLander HD is the optimal solution also as UPS/backup energy generator for unstable grid area.



• Power supply 230Vac - 50HZ or 115Vac - 60Hz

• Use of environmental compatible renewable energy

• Continuous output power with genset off: 8 kVA

• Continuous output power with genset on: 18 kVA

• Pre-assembled and factory tested, ready for use unit

• Energy from sun and wind at your service 365 days a year

• Built-in, professional backing generator and 80 l fuel tank

• Developed for hot environment

• Automatic Management of energy

• Remotely monitored via internet

• High capacity battery pack

• Silent running

• Easily transportable

• Designed and assembled in Italy

• All system components are CE marked



• Civil protection

• Schools and hospitals in not grid-connected areas

• Telecomunications

• Measumerent stations

• Natural reserves

• Pumping water irrigation

• Not grid-connected small islands

• Rural mini-grids

• Public events

• Military and emergency relief applications

• Mining

• Generators rental

• Appartment buildings

• Construction sites

• Prefabricated buildings and mobile camps

• Agricultural applications

• Development building areas and compound

•...and everywhere you need energy, in a quiet, clean and inexpensive way!

HyLander HD™


 HyLander HD™
 Output voltage AC 230V-50Hz / 110V-60Hz
 Output voltage DC 48V (12V and 24V optional)
 Continuous output power 25°C 10000 VA
 Peak power (5 sec.)

20000 W

 Genset continuous output power 8000 VA
 PV modules power From 1 kWp to 5 kWp according to working area
 Battery pack capacity 23 kWh

Programmable from 30% to 80%

(factory set 50%)

 Usable battery capacity (50% DOD)

 without sun, wind or genset

13,8 kWh
 Data monitoring

LCD Display: voltage, current, power,

state of charge, run time, load cycle, energy flow

 Remote monitoring Included, via internet connection
 Weight kg (lbs) approx. 1600 (3527.4)


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
22284T HyLander HD™ Self sustainable power unit 1950x1130x1550 mm (76.8x44.5x61 inches)