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Power assisted inboard steering system

Power assisted inboard steering system Inboard steering systems HYDRAULIC STEERING SYSTEMS

Power assisted inboard steering system


• Eliminates torque at the steering wheel

• Three different selectable levels of power give the boater the desired feeling on the wheel

• Automatically reverts to manual mode in case of power loss.

• High efficiency, low Amp draw

• The system always running permits immediate control in any sea conditions

• Equipped with safety switch ON/OFF (SMARTBUTTON)

• Can be used on dual station installations

• Suitable for use with autopilot

• Low noise

• Voltage: 12VDC

• CE marked in conformity with ABYC P21, ISO 10592 safety standards

• Ignition protected (SAEJ-1171 and UNI EN 28846)



• 1 single packaged KIT MD for single station containing:

- 1 UH-front or tilt mount Helm
- 1 UPMD Power Unit, 15’ (4,5 m) wiring harness included

- 1 UCMD User Interface
- 4 OL 150 bottles of hydraulic oil

• 1 inboard cylinder (suggested model: see "Order guide"

• 1 KIT MD2 for dual station

• Flexible hydraulic hoses

• 1 Tilt mechanism X66 - 40613M suitable for Tilt Mount Helm.Tilt range of 48°and five locking positions.

• 1Steeing Wheel


NOTE: The MasterDrive™ helms (both the UH master and the UHD slave for a dual station), the UPMD power unit and the UCMD user interface are the same products shown on the outboard MasterDrive™ system.