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BYD® - Battery box

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BYD® - Battery box

Battery Box takes along BYD reliable Fe battery which can be used as energy storage unit in energy storage system.

The modular design gives exibility of 1/2/3/4 pcs of battery modules (2,5 kWh each) in one battery rack.

The B-Box 2.5 - 10.0 offers different storage capacities, depending on the user’s needs. The capacity can be increased through the parallel connection of the B-Boxes up to 80 kWh.


The system supports the RS485/CAN communication protocol.

BYD standard 3U battery—U3A1-50E-A which is CE and TUV certified



• Stable discharge plant

• Excellent safety performance

• Long Life Cycle

• High temperature performance

• High energy density

• High charge & discharge rate

• High energy transfer ef ciency

• No pollution


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
21348M B-Box Pro 2.5 Maximum output power 2.56 kW 600x883x510 mm (23.6x34.8x20.1 inches)
21349P B-Box Pro 5.0 Maximum output power 5.12 kW 600x883x510 mm (23.6x34.8x20.1 inches)
21345F B-Box Pro 7.5 Maximum output power 7.68 kW 600x883x510 mm (23.6x34.8x20.1 inches)
21331U B-Box Pro 10.0 Maximum output power 10.24 kW 600x883x510 mm (23.6x34.8x20.1 inches)
21350Y B-Box Pro 13.8 Maximum output power 12.8 kW 650x800x550 mm (25.6x31.5x21.6 inches)