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Telescopic spindle

Telescopic spindle Manual controls with handle - crank handle Manual systems

Telescopic spindle

  • Suitable for operating skylights, domes and roof windows up to 2000 N weight.
  • Opening stroke: 310 mm.
  • Chrome-plated surface, spindle in brass.
  • Complete bracket set included.
  • Operation by crank handle


Ultraflex Control System telescopic spindle for operating skylights and domes up to 2000 N weight. Maximum stroke 310 mm.



Part No. Model Description
37244L Crank Handle lenght 1,5m
40001L Crank Handle lenght 2m
40002M Crank Handle lenght 2,5m
40003N Crank Handle lenght 3m



Part No. Model Description
37243K Telescopic Spindle stroke 310