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Locking openers

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Locking openers

  • It can only open bottom hinged windows which not require pushing force for the opening.
  • Only to be used for bottom hinged windows which do not require force in push action.
  • Maximum opening stroke: 25 cm. It can be adjusted on the end stroke spring placed in correspondence of the control operator.
  • For windows with height inferior to 50 cm it is necessary to reduce the stroke to 1/3 of the window height.
  • It is not necessary to work the conduit.
  • In systems with more windows it is necessary to use rotary junction boxes to transmit the cable movement from the main line to the auxiliary ones.
  • For windows wider than 1,5 m it is necessary to apply two or more thrust points.



Part No. Model Description
30754Y WHITE RAL 9010
37156M BLACK RAL 9005
37239Q GREY RAL 9006