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Kit for single bottom hinged windows

Kit for single bottom hinged windows Opening mechanisms Manual systems

Kit for single bottom hinged windows

  • Suitable for single bottom hinged windows with less than 1,5 m width.
  • To have less friction, in order to reduce the effort, a rope has substituted the helical cable which is present just in correspondence of the control operator.
  • Quick and easy installation. The conduit preparation tool is not required.
  • The small section of the conduit allows an only 50 mm radius bend: it is usually possible to install the conduit on the window frame.
  • Maximum opening 250 mm; the kit is provided with already cut spent travel tube.
  • The conduit, coated in PVC, is supplied in 3 m pieces.

NOTE: to open more than one window, loose elements must be ordered.


Part No. Model Description
40171G Kit single bottom 300 B Black
40194R Kit single bottom 300 G Grey
40166J Kit single bottom 300 W White


Part No. Model Description
40172H Kit single bottom 450 B Black
40195S Kit single bottom 450 G Grey
40167K Kit single bottom 450 W White


Part No. Model Description
40173I Kit single bottom 600 B Black
40196T Kit single bottom 600 G Grey
40168N Kit single bottom 600 W White