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The Mec Line mechanical systems for the window remote control are super-tested, reliable, economical, easy and quick to install.
The products are constantly improved thanks to the greatest experience in the window manual controls field.
The movement transmission from the control operator to the opening mechanism is effected by a steel helical cable which runs inside a steel conduit.
The installation must be carried out in order to allow the cable working in pull action during the load operation (ex. in the closing phase for bottom hinged windows and in the opening phase for top inged windows).

Every system has to be provided with the following items:
• CONTROL OPERATOR, flat, mini, simple, concealed and geared operator.
• TRANSMISSION ELEMENTS: cable, conduit, connectors, saddles, lock springs, end plugs.
• OPENING MECHANISM, chain openers, forks and locking openers for bottom hinged windows.
To open no more than one window with one control operator, the previous items are also contained all together in the "BRAVO" or in the "KIT for BOTTOM or TOP HINGED WINDOWS".

In case of installations with more than one locking opener or fork, rotary junction boxes are required.
For a right installation the tool for conduit preparation and the conduit bender are very useful.