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B103 - B104 Single lever top mount controls Single lever controls MECHANICAL SYSTEMS FOR ENGINE CONTROLS

B103 - B104 Single lever top mount controls

• Enables easy and safe shifting by preventing accidental gear engagement unless engine is idling

• Made of chrome plated marine aluminum

• Pull-out handle disengages shift for warm-up

• Neutral safety switch X43 - 38160L (optional) prevents in-gear starting

• Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X43 safety switch is installed

• For use with C2, C8 and MACHZero Ultraflex engine control cables.

• To connect C22 cable to B103 control only, use K33 - 38378D connection kit


• Silver knob optional X55 


X55 (optional)


B103 - 37923K Single lever control for one engine
B104 - 37924L Twin lever control for two engines
X55 - 39421V Silver knob optional