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3/8” nylon tubing. It is not recommended in the applications where the total tubing run exceeds 50 ft (15 m). Not recommended for use with UC128 an UC128-SVS cylinders.

KIT 95-2S - 43184G:
Fitting kit for a second steering station or for an autopilot installation.
It includes all necessary fittings for 3/8” nylon or copper tube.


OIL 15 - 70704K:
Hydraulic oil sold in 1 litre (0.26 gallons) bottle
- Hydraulic oil: IS0 VG 15
- Solidification point: <- 30 °C
- Contamination according to NAS1638 = 8

KIT F - 39664Y:
Remote fill adapter for rear mount and tilt mount pumps.