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Nautech™-1/M Packaged steering systems up to 300hp PACKAGED HYDRAULIC STEERING SYSTEMS



NAUTECH™-1/M package kit contains:


UP28F Front mount helm pump

UC128-OBF Front mount outboard cylinder. Specify engine type whenordering.

OL 150 Hydraulic oil - 2 litres (0,5 gallons).

KIT OB/M-60(90) Hose with preassembled fittings at one end only.

Available lengths:
6,00 m (19.7 ft)
9,00 m (29.6 ft)
15,00 m (49.2 ft)


Optional: Steering wheel; X57, X64 Flange; R5, R5SS, R8, R9 Thru hull.

Specify length required when ordering.

The steering wheel is not included.