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renusol certified supports for solar panels for flat roof

PV mounting system for flatroof Pole and roof supports for pv panels Photovoltaic solar panels and supports

PV mounting system for flatroof


• Suitable for flat roofs with max 5 ° slope. Flat-roof mounting, without anchoring, without damaging the roofing.

• PV panels dimensions: 1570-1730 mm height, 920-1054 mm width

• Suitable for areas with wind load up to 4 and snow load of up to 3 (DIN 1055 compliant)

• Also suitable for ground mounted installations. Especially for landfills, rocky undergrounds and conversion sites.

• Aerodynamic version support angle at 15° with wind deflector

• Wind load tested and determined according to Eurocode 1 - influence on load-bearing structures EN1991-1-4:2005

• 100% recycled polyethylene, chlorine-free (HDPE), sturdy, durable and weather resistant.

• Complies with fire prevention measures according to DIN 4102 class B2

• TÜV certified

• WARRANTY: 10 years



The base-kit MGS-B hold 12 PV modules and need 19 m² of free space only.


MGS-B KIT - 20703A



The add-on kit MGS-A8 is docked and extends the MGS-B base-kit by 8 PV modules.

The MGS-A8 need approx. 13 m² of free space. PV modules are being installed in landscape and are fixed from below.


MGS-A8 KIT - 20704C



Expands the ground mount system by 12 PV-modules.

The MGS-A12 needs approx. 19 m² of free space.


MGS-A12 KIT - 20705E