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Use and Maintenance

Use and Maintenance Selection of steering system MECHANICAL STEERING SYSTEMS

Use and Maintenance

The steering cable must be installed avoiding excessive and/or tight bends. This will provide the driver with easy handling at all speeds, helping to reduce system inefficiency, and excess play in the system.

Marine corrosion may cause the materials to deteriorate affecting maneuvering efficiency and in the worst case, system failure. By following the engine manufacturer specifications, the steering cable end fittings and the engine cable support must be cleaned and greased periodically; these simple operations minimize wear and corrosion in the system.

The steering cable must be regularly inspected. If steering becomes hard, inconsistent, cuts on the conduit surface are noticed, or any other component found damaged, the cable must be replaced immediately.

When storing your boat for an extended period of time we recommend removing the steering cable end fitting from its engine side support and cleaning it adequately.