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Captain´s wheels Non magnetic stainless steel wheels STEERING WHEELS

Captain´s wheels

• Standard 3/4’’ taper

• Hub included

• Meet with the EN 28848 and ABYC P22 standards

• All ULTRAFLEX steering wheels meet the directive 2013/53/EU requirements about pleasure boats. All steering wheels are CE marked in conformity with the EN 28848 – EN 29775 and ABYC P22 safety standards


KNOB93 - 40647F - Folding knob for V93 wheels


Part No. Model Description Dimensions
40721R V89 Stainless steel wheel Ø 500 mm - 19.6 inches
39931V V90/37 Mahogany and brass wheel Ø 370 mm - 14.5 inches
39932X V90/42 Mahogany and brass wheel Ø 420 mm - 16.5 inches
40645B V93 Mahogany wheel Ø 460 mm - 18.1 inches