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paddle trim hydraulic mechanical assisted steering systems captain´s wheel accessories components

Paddle Trim Paddle Trim STEERING WHEELS

Paddle Trim

paddle trim hydraulic mechanical assisted steering systems captain's wheel accessories components
  • Paddle Trim
    Paddle Trim
  • Single or dual
    Single or dual
  • Adjustable positioning
    Adjustable positioning
  • Tilt or front mount
    Tilt or front mount
  • KTR kit
    KTR kit

For complete control of engine trim and tilt, trim tabs, jackplates, PowerPole(R) and other on board systems, the innovative Paddle Trim system is the answer.

Adaptable to existing front mount hydraulic and tilt helms, the Paddle Trim is ergonomically designed to allow the driver to make precise adjustments to the attitude of the boat or other systems without removing his hand from the steering wheel.



• Available both in single and dual versions (for either two equal or two different outputs).

• Both single or dual paddle can be positioned at various angles for the most confortable choice.

• Equipped with one water proof “MOM.ON-OFF-MOM.ON” switch (2 switches on dual version).

• Max load 2 Amp @ 12VDC.

• Suitable for any kind of steering wheel dish. Max wheel dia. 400 mm (15.7”).

• Easy to install on the following Ultraflex® steering systems:

  - front and tilt mount hydraulic helms

  - tilt mount mechanical helms

• Wiring harness, labels and mounting hardware kit are included. The mounting plate, which differs between front and tilt mount installation, is to be ordered separately.



• Kit relay available KTR - 42860S:

- It allows a Paddle Trim pair to control electrical loads up to 10 Amp (e.g. Trim Tabs Uflex®).

- Easy to use and to install, through connectors with pre-crimped contacts.



PTS1 - 43051L - Single paddle kit including one paddle

and the brackets to attach to a tilt or to a front mount helm


PTS2 - 43052N - Two paddles and the brackets

to attach it to a tilt or to a front mount helm