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B322 and B324 Two lever top mount controls

B322 and B324 Two lever top mount controls Two lever controls MECHANICAL SYSTEMS FOR ENGINE CONTROLS

B322 and B324 Two lever top mount controls

Two lever / single action control: each lever operates separately either the throttle or the shift.
Suitable for use with outboard, inboard or I/O power plants.


• Made of aluminium, chrome plated or black powder coat finish
• Throttle lever is provided with adjustable brake tension release system and shift lever with forward, reverse and neutral detents.
• Neutral safety switch X12-34543 Q (optional) prevents in-gear starting
• In dual station applications the L23 - 31649 B selector unit has to be used
• Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X12 safety switch is installed
• Use with all Ultraflex control cables except C4 (discontinued):
- C14 and MACH14 cables require no kit
- For C2, C8 and MACHZero cables the connection kit K67 - 40705 T is included
- C5, C16 and MACH5 cables require K63 kit - 40757 N
- C22 cable requires K64 kit - 40758 R
- C36 and MACH36 cables require K65 kit - 40759 T


- 40669 S Throttle and shift
B322T - 40670 A Throttle only
B322S - 40673 G Shift only

- 40674 J Throttle and shift
B324T - 40675 L Throttle only
B324S - 40676 N Shift only