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Trim Tabs - Innovative finger joystick control

Trim Tabs - Innovative finger joystick control Electromechanical trim tabs UFLEX® - TRIM TABS

Trim Tabs - Innovative finger joystick control

Boats often become unbalanced to port or starboard due to wind, sea conditions, and weight transfer within the boat.

The innovative joystick by Uflex takes all the guesswork out of realigning the boat. A simple push of the joystick lever in the opposite direction of the "lean" of the boat is all you need to do.

Gone are the days of having to think about the current positions of the tabs and then push two rocker switches, hoping that you have the correct sequence, i.e. port up and starboard down or vise versa.

The Uflex joystick let's you drive like a pro!

• Makes adjusting the position of the boat more intuitive than traditional rocker switches

• Both trim actuators move simultaneously in opposite directions when pushing the joystick to port or to starboard

The unique profile of the Uflex planes offers greater efficiency and stern lift than traditional flat planes, often providing the opportunity to use a smaller size tab with the same performance of a larger flat plane.

• Keep the boat on plane with lower engine RPM


IP68-rated, triple sealed 12VDC electrical mechanical actuators provide:

• One-piece actuator housing reduces the possibility of water intrusion

• Exclusive rubber boot protects internal primary seals from sea growth and high-pressure water

• Planetary gear actuator gearbox provides high efficiency and low amp consumption

• Tempered stainless-steel ball screw gives peak resistance to impact and high-torque loads

• Patented snap-in actuator provides for a clean rigging job

• Abrasion-resistant routing of electrical wires minimizes the transom holes



Because the joystick simultaneously activates both tabs in opposite directions when adjusting for a lean to port or starboard, the realignment of the boat occurs very quickly, and with optimal tab positioning in terms of efficiency.



Pushing the joystick up or down moves the tabs in the same direction. This changes the attitude of the boat bow up or down.