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Replacing the bellow

Replacing the bellow Ulfex electromechanical trim tabs UFLEX® - Trim tabs

Replacing the bellow



1- Switch the Trim Tab system on and bring the actuator to the fully open end stroke by pushing the Easy Joy joystick forward for at least 10 seconds. The bellow must be replaced with the piston fully extended


WARNING: replacing the bellow with the piston not fully extended will compromise the bellow's function


2- Use pliers to remove the split pin that fixes the pin that connects the actuator rod to the tab flange and pull off the pin in order to disconnect the actuator from the tab


3- With a flat tip screwdriver (or 6mm socket wrench) untighten both metal ties. Let them slide on the actuator body to release the bellow


4- Extract the bellow. Lubricate the internal side of the new bellow to facilitate the insertion and put in in place. The upper part of the bellow must be in contact with the upper line (A) and the indentation of the internal lower part must snap in the socket of the actuator rod


5- Take care not to rotate the actuator rod during the replacement operation. If you have to rotate it, bring it back in the original position, do it before tightening the metal ties to avoid the bellow twisting. At the end of the replacement the end fittings sides must remain parallel to the rotation plane of the actuator


6- Tighten both metal ties (upper and lower) included in this kit back in position to secure the bellow on the actuator's body


7- Connect again the actuator's rod to the tab flange pin and secure it with the split pin included in this kit