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Nav Sensor

The multifunctional AcquaLink® Nav Sensor is the gem of all sensors. The inertial sensor complements the inbuilt satellite receiver module to provide accurate readings of the speed of travel as well as the pitch & roll (up and down) and YAW (sideways) motion of the boat. Compass readings can be displayed electronically thanks to the embeded compass, which also facilitate course corrections in electronic autopilots. The barometer and air temperature sensors are early indicators of forthcoming weather conditions.

• Standard MicroC connector for NMEA 2000®

• NMEA 2000® certified

• IP65 protection rating

• GPS module: position, time, boats vector, signal quality, satellites

• Compass: +/-40° tilt angle, <2à accuracy, alarm (rapid field strength change, tilt angle averrun, undervoltage conduction)

• Barometer: ari pressure, air temperature inside the sensor

• Air temperature: -20°C / +65°C

• Inertial sensor: resolution 1°/s

• YAW-range 100°/s, linearity +/-3°/s

• Acceleration range 50 m/s2, linearity +/-1 m/s2

• Calculated heeling, pitch & roll-range +/-50°

• Operating temperature range -20°C / +70°C



Nav Sensor, 2x brackets, installation instructions, safety instructions


VDO Article No. Part No. Voltage


20201 Z 12-24 V