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Engine oil temperature

Engine oil temperature ViewLine® VDO® - Marine instruments and sensors

Engine oil temperature

The ViewLine temperature gauge displays any sudden rise in oil temperature, thus helping to prevent serious damage to the engine and the associated expense.


• 8 pole Tyco / Hirschmann MQS plug

• +/- 3.6° angle degree accuracy over the entire display range

• Current consumption < 150 mA, with integrated warning light (LED)

• Input signal: standard Ω values

• 90° display angle

• Optional makepoint switch can be connected

• Reverse polarity protection

• Anti-fog double lens

• Front side protection rating IP67

• 52 mm installation diameter

• 50 mm installation depth


The outer scale is available also in °F



Oil temperature gauge, adapter cable 8 pole, round bezel, pushbuttons for mode and configuration, spinlock nut, rubber seal, QR code, safety instructions


VDO Article No. Part No. Colour Range Voltage Input
      Ø 52 mm


60231 FA

Black 50°-150° 8 - 32 V 322.8-1.6 Ω


60232 GA

White 50°-150° 8 - 32 V 322.8-1.6 Ω