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Pyrometer ViewLine® VDO® - Marine instruments and sensors


The Viewline pyrometer indicates the exhaust temperature at the end of the exhaust pipe (up to 900 °C/1650 °F). The relationship of this value to the maximum permitted exhaust temperature shows how efficient combustion is at that particular load. A rise in temperature is therefore an important early warning signal.


• 8 pole Tyco / Hirschmann MQS plug

• < 2.5 % accuracy over the entire display range

• Current consumption < 100 mA, with integrated warning light (LED)

• 240° display angle

• Programmable warning point (via optional PC software)

• Reverse polarity protection

• Anti-fog double lens

• Front side protection rating IP67

• 52 mm installation diameter

• 50 mm installation depth


The outer scale is available also in °F



Pyrometer gauge, adapter cable 8 pole, round bezel, pushbuttons for mode and configuration, spinlock nut, rubber seal, QR code, safety instructions


VDO Article No. Part No. Colour Range Voltage Input
       Ø 52 mm


60239 PA Black 100° - 900°C 8 - 32 V 37 mV


60240 GA White 100° - 900°C 8 - 32 V 37 mV