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Inverter driven chillers VSD - Reverse cycle function

Inverter driven chillers VSD - Reverse cycle function Variable speed drive chillers VELAIR® - Marine air conditioning systems

Inverter driven chillers VSD - Reverse cycle function



This inverter driven chiller line provides the best of the existing technology: brushless DC motor with inverter that constantly control speed and power delivered by the compressor (Variable Speed Drive). They also use R410A eco-friendly refrigerant.

Two sizes available: 42.000 e 62.000 BTU/h with modular combination to obtain systems with higher cooling power


Benefits in marine applications: 

• No current peaks during start-up phase

• Highest energy efficiency: Overall reduction of electricity consumption (-45%)

• It can operates with small generators

• Compressor noise and vibrations almost zero

• Small dimensions and weights compared to the cooling capacity

• Temperature stability at fancoil air outlet


Comfort: The compressor continuosly changes the running speed and consequently its cooling power. In this way, the chiller water loop temperature remains constant, regardless of power drawn by the fancoils. This guarantees the maximum comfort - thanks to the temperature stability of air- and the best efficiency, adapting continuously the cooling power to the real need. As result, the compressor will operate at maximum power to cool rapidly the rooms, but coming closer to the set temperature, it will reduce the power and, as well, the electricity consumption. 


Reliability: “Brushless DC” compressors, together with variable capacity operation, eliminate the typical ON/OFF function of the traditional systems. This allows a much longer lifetime to all the electrical and mechanical components than non-inverter models.


Silence: Thanks to its function and its sound proofing cover, the compressor has minimals sound levels. This is appreciate especially during night operation.


NIGHT mode: It is possible to limit the maximum output power to a preselected value (factory 40%) simply pressing a button. This means the possibility to limit the max current requested, with no risk to break down the shore power if weak and, in double genset applications, it is possible to use the small and quiete generator during the night. 


Modular: A number of units can be combined together in order to obtain the maximum power needed: for example, to get 250.000 BTU/h as max power, it is enough to install 4 units of 62.000 BTU/h in parallel. The units will regulate automatically in order to guarantee always the pre-determined value temperature with the lowest energy consumption. 


Inverter-VSD Uflex VELAIR chillers units meet EMC 2004/108/EC directives.


MODEL Chiller i42 VSD Chiller i62 VSD
Cooling capacity range 18000 - 42000 BTU/H

30000 - 62000 BTU/H

Power supply voltage 230V - 50/60Hz 230V - 50/60Hz

Power consumption cooling (max)

10,5 A 16 A
Power consumption cooling (max) with "NIGHT MODE" activated 4,5 A 6,1 A
Min water flow rate chillere circuit 35 l/min 45 l/min
Chiller loop pipe diameter 25 mm 25 mm
Min seawater flow rate 30 l/min 40 l/min
Seawater loop pipe diameter 20 mm 25 mm
Dimensions WxDxH 331x436x476 (13x17.2x18.7) 431x436x476 (17x17.2x18.7)
Weight kg (lbs) 48 (105.8) 64 (141.1)


Part No. Model Description
69338D Chiller i42 VSD 18000 - 42000 BTU/h
69339F Chiller i62 VSD 30000 - 62000 BTU/h