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Xunzel™ - Semi-flexible solar panels

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Xunzel™ - Semi-flexible solar panels

The Xunzel™ solar panels are very thin
(3 mm – 0,12”), light and bendable up to 30°. Thanks to the innovative All-Back-Contact Technology, these solar panels supply higher power than conventional PV modules of same size. By adopting the Back-Contact technique, the wafer can be coated with flexible materials and finally forms the high efficiency flexible solar panel.
These solar panels outperform others early in the morning, late in the evening and even on cloudy days. They effectively absorb different wavelengths of light to generate more electricity. Furthermore, the hotter it gets, the better is their performance compared to competitor efficiency.
Designed for boat and RVs applications, for off-grid solutions (telecom, ups-backup energy, street lighting, etc.) 



• Design: high quality, reliability and performance. Crystalline silicon cell panels wuth patented All- Back-Contact Technology. Very thin, light and bendable up to 30°

• Endurance: High quality UV resistant materials ensure a long life

• Electrical Connection: Junction box mounted at the front side for protection against corrosion. The Xunzel™ solar panels are delivered with pre- assembled cables for a quick and safe installation 













HD 20W 20W 17.6 1.14 20.8 1.23
HD 50W 50W 17.36 2.88 20.8 3.11
HD 110W 110W 18.56 5.97 21.9 6.32

Part No. Model Description Dimensions
20786H HD 20W Solar panel semi-flexible 580x310x3 mm (22.8x12.2x0.12 in) - 0,6 kg (1.32 lbs)
21691B HD 50W Solar panel semi-flexible 620x500x3 mm (24.4x19.7x0.12 in) - 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
21692D HD 110W Solar panel semi-flexible 1155x560x3 mm (45.5x22.1x0.12 in) - 2,5 kg (5.51 lbs)