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LE-v50™ wind turbine Wind generators Wind & solar

LE-v50™ wind turbine

• Features:

- 3 phase brushless wind turbine. The cross-ventilated ‘savonious’ vertical axis rotor coupled with the well proven axial flux alternator deliver power outputs of up to 70 watts in absolute silence

- Quiet: the LE-v50 can self-regulate without the need for external charge controllers ; reliable

- Robust design, almost indestructable: this vertical axis wind turbine is designed & proven to survive 120mph Antarctic winds

- Compact and lightweight, can be installed in a variety of positions with ease

- Marine quality finish, high quality components and lasting performance

- PHigh efficiency due to anticipated start-up charge


• Applications:

Trickle charging for batteries installed on boats and land.

Polar stations for monitoring air pollution.

Buoys and marine lights.

Signaling systems that require low energy.


• Warranty: 2 years


Voltage 12 o 24 V DC
Nominal power @ 8 m/s (17,8 knots) 11 W
Peak power 70 W
Cut-in wind speed 4 m/s (7.7 mph)
Rotor diameter 200 mm (7.9")
Rotor speed 550-1700 rpm
Dry weight 9 kg (19.9 lbs)

Part No. Model Description
68641Z LE-v50 12V Wind turbine 12V
68642B LE-v50 24V Wind turbine 24V