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LE-600™ wind turbine

LE-600™ wind turbine Leading Edge® wind turbines Wind turbines

LE-600™ wind turbine

• Features:
- 3 phase brushless wind turbine. The cross-ventilated ‘savonious’ horizontal axis rotor delivers power outputs of up to 750 watts in absolute silence.
- Quiet; reliable.
- Compact and lightweight, can be installed in a variety of positions with ease.
- Marine quality finish, high quality components and lasting performance
- WhispowerTM blades.
- High efficiency
- Charge controller included
- 100 W Dump load and stop switch included


Trickle charging for batteries installed on inland waterways or land. Polar stations for monitoring air pollution. Telecom systems.
Signaling systems that require low energy.


Warranty: 2 years


Model LE-600 12V LE-600 24V
Voltage 12 V DC 24 V DC

Nominal power

@ 8 m/s (15,5 knots)

160 W 160 W
Peak power 750 W 750 W
Cut -in wind speed 3 m/s (6.7 mph) 3 m/s (6.7 mph)
Rotor diameter 1,54 m 1,54 m
Rotor speed 550-1700 rpm 550-1700 rpm
Dry weight kg (lbs) 19.5 (43) 19.5 (43)


Part No. Model Description
69761R LE-600 12V 12 V wind generator
69762T LE-600 24V 24 V wind generator